A downloadable fangame for Windows

The Frogarians are back! What's that? Never heard of them? Well, get ready to fight these over-equiped frogs!

This game contains content that may shock lawyers. Discretion advised.

Source code: https://github.com/Rouli-M/ReturnOfTheFrogarians


[1.0] Return Of The Frogarians.zip 9 MB


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Hey it seems pretty good but i didn't fully understand where to go exactly, it gets a little labyrinthic, maybe if you added some other types of decorations, like posters? it would make the map less repetitive and make the game better visually. As far as i got, the game is pretty enjoyable and  its pretty fun to go as an octopus jumping at all speed (sometimes you get stopped and thats annoying when racing the rabbit)
Nice game bro, i love it

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. You make fair points