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Shaper Collection is a minimalist puzzle plateformer, in which the shape of the player change each level. It features:

  • More than 80 levels
  • Satisfying home-made game physics
  • Various level styles : Plateformer, Puzzle, Scenic, ...
  • A level editor that lets you share and play levels with their code
  • Original music by PeKaNo
  • French and English support

Please feel free to share your custom levels in the comments with their code!

Soundtrack available here : https://pekano.bandcamp.com/album/shaper-ost

Context: Shaper was originally created on Scratch in 2016. A few days after its release, it was featured on the homepage of the website, and quickly gained a lot of attraction. On january 2019, Scratch received an update  that made the game and its sequels unplayable. Because of this, I've decided, as a small programing project, to port all Shaper games to Windows, while adding some extra levels too. The levels from the original Shaper games can be played in the "Original" gamemode in Shaper Collection, while the "Classic" gamemode contains new levels.

Almost every level is unlocked from the start: don't hesitate to skip to the next one if you're stuck.


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I have fond memories of playing this game on scratch a few years ago, so I was pretty excited when I found this. It didn't quite live up to my probably overfond memories, but I still had a great time with it and finished all the levels plus the three bonus levels from this thread, thanks for the port.

I appreciate the scenic/platformer levels adding a bit of variety to the game, and some of the scenic levels were quite amusing. Most of the new levels held up pretty well too.

I also made a couple hardcore levels for fun. This slightly odd puzzle level:


And this fiendishly difficult platformer level. Seriously, it's at the point where I don't even want to complete it myself, and it requires many tight jumps across the level, some of which are just mean. It is possible though:


I made a more traditional puzzle level too, which will hopefully prove more difficult than its size would suggest:


Once again, thanks for the game! I had a good time with it.

Managed to finish the first and third levels, they were pretty good! Thanks for sharing, I'm happy that you had a good experience with the game.

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Here's an extra bonus level for you itch.io folks (triple click on it then copy):


I would be pleased to try your levels !

got bored, here's another:


Hey I guess this is a thread now. here's another hardcore level